The 2nd Congress of

Abstract Submissions

International Society of Pediatric Respiratory Diseases

The Only Global Congress Focused on Pediatric Respiratory Diseases


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Kunling Shen

Shenzhen Children’s Hospital | Beijing Children‘s Hospital, Capital Medical University 

Professor, Chief Physician Doctoral Supervisor

Honorary President of Chinese Medical Association Chinese Society of Pediatrics

Counsellor of China National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Diseases

President of China Medicine Education Association Pediatric Committee

Foreign Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences

Foreign Academician of Royal Irish Medical Association

Founding President of Global Pediatric Pulmonology Alliance (GPPA)

President of Asian Society for Pediatric Research (ASPR)

BOD Member of Asian Pacific Academy of Pediatric Allergy, Respirology and Immunology (APAPARI)

Chief Member of Expert Committee on Children’s Drug Use National Health and Family Planning Commission of P.R. China

Vice Chief Member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association-Pediatric Resident Standardized Training

Deputy Editor of the Journal of Pediatric Pulmonology